About us

The Somali Community Association of Queensland Inc (SCAQ) is a not-for-profit organisation of more than 7000 Somali individuals across south-east Queensland. SCAQ was established in 2010 to promote social cohesion between the Somali community and the wider Australian society. SCAQ is financially supported by our members and aims to act as a socially and community-based unifying organisation.
SCAQ advocates on the issues and needs of its community members and provides different supports for them.

SCAQ supports Somalis from the beginning of their journey to settle well in Australia. SCAQ welcomes newly arrived Somali refugees to Queensland and helps them settle into the community.

This includes language support such as completing forms, citizenship applications, translation of formal letters, and letters of support e.g., for housing. SCAQ works closely with those who are most in need: women at risk, people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, people who are experiencing or have experienced family or domestic violence, youth in trouble with the law, and people living with disability. As appropriate, SCAQ also liaises with government officials and departments to provide our members with the support they require to the best of our capacity.

SCAQ also organises social engagement programmes. For example, the annual Somali Independence Day celebrations in Brisbane, the Ramadan football cup, SomaliQld league, Somali professional networking events, youth debate seminars, and many other social activities.

SCAQ represents its members in the following manner:
1: Making representations on behalf of members of the Somali community to the government and non-government agencies in the state of Queensland.
2: Establishing education, youth development, sports activities, and other programs and projects that are valuable to SCAQ members. 
3: Promoting the Australian multicultural spirit in accordance with Somali culture, language, and traditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work towards a united Somali Australian community that is vibrant, active and inclusive; one that look after each other and integrates with the wider Australian Community.

Our mission

Our mission is to focus on advancing the interests and the health and well-being  of Somali community members across Queensland and to support them in integrating with the broad Australian community.

Our values

  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Respect,
  • Accountability

What’s on at Somali House?

  • We can support you with advocacy if you are struggling to get access to social services.
  • We write support letters based on your needs.
  • We have bilingual volunteers who can help you fill in application forms, make phone calls on your behalf, read letters etc.
  • We can help you with Government Job Application process.
  • We have computers with internet and printer that you can use.
  • We have a small meeting room that you can use.
  • We have outdoor prayer shed for you to use.
  • If you want to gain leadership, administration and community development skills come and volunteer with us.

Come and have a chat with our lovely volunteers.

If you want a letter of support written for you please call this number to make appointment (07) 31950553